Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Walker and I trying to get him ready at the church!

He was really a BIG BOY and never fussed!

Happy parents after the ceremony!
Walker, Webber and Camilla

Rich Webster holding Webber after the ceremony

"TOOT" with Webber at the luncheon after church!
Toot is Webber's Great Grandmother.

The Blanket
Made from Lace placemats that I purchased at a Antique Show in Pensacola. 
Great friends, Josephine and Sharon helped me with the designing.

The Gown
I made it about 30 years ago, Camilla and Alex both wore it for their Baptism.

The Cap
Again, made years ago but it wouldn't fit Webber, so he went capless!

Cathy, Webber's other Grandmother had a wonderful luncheon after the ceremony. 
All the family was there and we had a GREAT time!

Some of the Family
Grace, Alex, Laurie, Robert, Camilla and Kelly

The God Parents
Camilla, Walker, Webber (the peanut in his Dad's arms) Forrest and Laurahelen

Bill, Camilla, Toot and Laurahelen

Robbie & Webber

A Slice of Life

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Webber's Baptism this weekend

It's a BIG weekend for Webber and all our family!

Here's a sneak peek at some of
 the pretties I have been working on for him.

Some OLD!

Some NEW

A Slice of Life

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

End of Summer 2011

End of another


Summer at Innerarity!

The Orange Beach fire was finally put out just before the 4th, 
so there were lots of vacationers down, which was great for the local economy, 
but really hard if you wanted  to eat out,
 there just weren't enough restaurants, so we did a lot of cooking!

We had a very uneventful 4th, there was no family down, but we did have a 
GREAT dinner and then watched the fireworks from our pier that night!

The weekend after the 4th was the Blue Angels weekend, you have never seen so many boats! 
The parade of boats, in front of our house, started before 8:00 in the morning! 

This is just one area where you could park your boat to see the Angels.

Lillie, Hershey and I were floating before the show started. 
They baled on me with the first flyover!

"Locals" cruising after the show or maybe they were just getting there,
 I'm sure it took a while!

After the excitement of the 4th and Blue Angels, we did what we usually do!

Ride in the Boat!

Sit on the Beach!


Float some more!

Sit some more!

Ride, float and sit some more!

Until next Summer...

A Slice of Life