Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We had such a GREAT Christmas that I really wasn't ready for it to be over.
So I decided to take a few more pictures before storing everything away for another year.
Now I will be able to look back and remember our
WONDERFUL Day with all the family here!


The Cross was a gift from Kelly and goes perfectly with
our beach painting and all the other decorations.
It's still there and might stay forever!

The Stockings all looked so good hanging on the Staircase!
There's one for everyone in the family, including a few dogs!

Almost every ornament on the tree is handmade, mostly be me.
WOW, lots of stitching!

Some to remember old pets and current ones too!

 Some to remember favorite places to visit!

Some made by friends!


Some made just for Fun!

Old ones, made at least 35 years ago!

Some hang on walls!

Some are table decorations!

Some have meaning.......

...and some express pride,
hope I can add another one of these next year!

I hope everyone had a



!!!!ROLL TIDE!!!!

A Slice of Life