Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Look what the Full Moon gave us last night!
Moon Vine Flowers
We get so excited everytime we get just one of these, we were overwhelmed last night!
Just had to share!

Here are a few things that have been keeping me busy lately. 

As always, lots of napkins!

Some Pretty Hand Towels

Dish Towels

Things for kids
Yard Britches for the Girls and Boxers for the Boys!

Diaper Bags and Burps!
One of my very good customers has a niece that makes these,
 she brings them to me for Monogramming.
They are co cute!



And now,  a little more down to home,
the Girls came to visit a few days ago,
 they look so much alike now that's it's hard to tell Who's Who!

 Lillie is the grown up one with the PEARLS !
Alex is the little one, modeling a little Smocked outfit that
I made for her Aunt Camilla about 30 years ago!

While I have Camilla on my mind, here is a Applique Tee that she is making
 and selling, she also does Onsies and Sacques. Special orders are welcome!
 Check out her Blog and Etsy page. They are real cute and make great gifts!

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