About Me

I’m a work at home Baby Boomer. The mother of 3 and the Grandmother of 4. My first experience with sewing was pulling threads so my Grandmother could make fringed linen napkins. That led to Cross-stitching on pillowcases, then Knitting, Needlepoint, French Hand Sewing, Smocking, Flag making and now Monogramming, WHEW! As you can see, I have done and still do lots of different kinds of needlework; the only ones I’ve not mastered are Quilting and Crocheting.  I owned a sewing shop when younger but retired when expecting my third child. I brought my sewing home, set up shop and haven’t quit! Although most of this blog will be devoted to monogramming (work sewing) there will also be lots of the fun sewing too. As the name implies, yet another slice of life. If you would like to see more of the business side of Slice “A Slice of Life”, you can click on the above link  “A Slice of Life”, it will take you to my official website.